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Glee – What’s all the fuss about?

February 22, 2010 By: Geek Category: TV news

The Gl517zpmsJeeL. SL160  Glee   Whats all the fuss about?ee TV series is taking the world by storm in all its white-toothed, harmonizing, bouncy glory, but how has this saccharin sweet comedy drama done so well for itself? Ah, that’ll be the geek link then. There seems to have been a noticeable shift in recent years for TV shows based on the Underdogs in society (waves at the audience).51UyZ4S88rL. SL160  Glee   Whats all the fuss about?

Stuff like the Big Bang Theory has been of note this past few years, and the Glee TV series has the same sort of appeal. It’s a show aimed at the misfits amongst us, and if you’re at this site, then I’m sure that’s something you can relate to.

Why is it being written about here? Because I think the Glee TV series is a cool gateway show for young viewers to get into, and thus find other shows they will love in the future.

51v5oL76TdL. SL160  Glee   Whats all the fuss about?It’s the same reason we don’t have a problem with Harry Potter or Twilight, as they are all things that are great for younger audiences to be into before they move onto the proper stuff. The Glee TV Show may not be to our particular tastes, but it is telling a new generation of burgeoning geeks that they don’t have to follow the herd. Don’t stop believing, and all that icon wink Glee   Whats all the fuss about?

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