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The New Ipod Nano With Video Camera Feature

December 28, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek Gadgets

nano shoots video The New Ipod Nano With Video Camera Feature

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We’ve always been fans of the iPod Nano here at YourGeekness, and this latest upgrade to the device may seem frivolous at first, but it’s a great idea that hints at bigger things to come for the player. Now, the iPod nano has gone from being the poor relation of the iPod family to one of Apple’s most popular items.

The redesign of the iPod Nano and the addition of the skew feature were a superb start, and now with the advent of the video camera element, it has become even more fun and useful. Sure, the resolution isn’t perfect but it is certainly much better than you may expect from such a small device.

Plus, the short time limit of those videos may seem restrictive, but it has been made thus so you don’t fill the whole thing with long videos and leave your device without room for the music! The tiny microphone is also capable of some pretty good feats too, which again surprises us in a device so small and thin.

The fifth generation iPod Nano may be behind the iPod Touch in terms of capability and features, but it is far and away the best small mp3/entertainment device on the market right now, and with the addition of this camera, nothing else comes close.