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7th Son: Descent by JC Hutchins – An awesome Christmas Gift for your geek

December 03, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek Books

51NaygMQwAL. SL500  7th Son: Descent by JC Hutchins   An awesome Christmas Gift for your geekHere’s something really special. Many of you may already be familiar with JC Hutchins either through his podcasts or the novel/gaming experience Personal Effects: Dark Art, but to those of you that aren’t, this may well be one of the most awesome things around. The background is thus: 7th Son: Descent started off as a podcast series based on a massive manuscript JC had created, which would have been enough to fill three novels. It ended up being one of the most talked about and enjoyed pieces of podcast fiction that had been released since the medium of podcasting began, and eventually a publisher took notice. 7th Son: Descent is the first part of the trilogy, which has been polished and reworked into a new form. St Martin’s Press took a gamble and decided to publish the first book, and now the hi-tech, geek-pleasing, page-turning thriller is out for a whole new audience to discover. Hell, buy two copies so you have one to give as a gift and one for yourself. It’s an excellent read, a thrilling ride, and a bold work from one of the most exciting writers currently making their mark. An essential geek gift.

Christmas Gifts For Your Geek Part Three: Movie And TV Lego Toys

November 27, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek Gifts

51d8Bs7P3jL. SL160  Christmas Gifts For Your Geek Part Three: Movie And TV Lego ToysOh come on, put that sneer away and admit you think this stuff is cool. Lego (or Legos to our US readers – I’ve never really understood the plural use) is an awesome toy line for kids to be into, and aside from the years of fun you can have making random blocks of coloured bricks, there is a huge geek interest in Lego too.

This mainly centres around the movie and TV tie-in Lego toys that are available, and they all make great Christmas gifts for fanboys and fangirls. Think of them as the middle out of a giant Kinder Surprise egg (minus the creepy 80s advertisement).

They’re a blast to put together and rework to your own ideas, and there are enough of them to check out to ensure that every geek gets a Lego set they can cherish (or indeed, carp on about how they missed an essential detail from a gun turret… I know what you people are like, as I’m just as bad).

Or, in the case of examples like the Indiana Jones Lego Toys range, you could use them to come up with your own take on the fourth film, and, y’know, make it not suck so much.

The biggest section of the Lego movie tie in toys is definitely their range of Star Wars Lego toys, kits and dioramas, which has to be seen to be believed, but other big sellers also include Batman Lego Toys, Harry Potter Lego toys and even Spongebob Squarepants Lego toys.

So if the helicopter-beanie wearing geek alumni in your world are looking for something a bit different and a lot of fun this Christmas, think lego! or if you fly the stars and stripes, Legos!

Christmas Gifts For Your Geek Part Two: Gadgets

November 04, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek Gadgets

There are some awesome gadgets available for geeks to love, nurture and worship for this Christmas, and these three in particular stick out as something that everyone with a love for things that go beep is sure to love this Holiday season.

Apple iPod Touch

413XvF0yukL. SL160  Christmas Gifts For Your Geek Part Two: GadgetsThe iPod Touch keeps on getting better. Much more than just a music player, you can enjoy movies and TV shows, games, podcasts, books and much more, along with internet access and the joys of the Apple App Store, giving you countless free add-ons as well as paid apps to browse through. I have one of these myself and generally use it as a communications device for email, Twitter (TweetDeck is AWESOME on an iPod Touch), but when travelling, you can’t beat these things as an all-round entertainment device. The accelerometer has been improved with each model, making the widescreen gaming possibilities even better. These things make perfect geek gifts, and of course they are available in a range of disk capacities.

Amazon Kindle

41t7SWZ2vpL. SL160  Christmas Gifts For Your Geek Part Two: GadgetsThe latest version of Amazon’s e-reader has been something of a hit with book and gadget lovers everywhere. Now that the Amazon Kindle store supports international Wi-Fi, millions more people have the option of enjoying this groundbreaking device. The screen has improved with this latest version, and the number of titles available to download directly to your Kindle keeps on growing all the time. It would make a brilliant Christmas gift for a true geek. Now, if only Amazon would open up their DTP project to worldwide users, it would be even better!

Apple Magic Mouse

31wszJhG7hL. SL160  Christmas Gifts For Your Geek Part Two: GadgetsThis awesome new version of the classic mouse ships with all new iMacs, but the Apple Magic Mouse is also available separately, and works with any Bluetooth enabled Mac. This thing has to be seen to be believed. Using the same multitouch feature as the iPhone, iPod Touch and the trackpads on Apple laptops, it allows you to scroll anywhere with one finger, swipe through pics and sites with two fingers, and click or double click anywhere you like. It does take a little getting used to, but once you’re into it, you’ll never turn back. Brilliant for any Mac user this Christmas!