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The Farmville Game – Love It Or Loathe It, It’s A Massive Hit

March 02, 2010 By: Geek Category: Geek Games

farmville 300x229 The Farmville Game   Love It Or Loathe It, Its A Massive HitLook, it’s the future, and if you’ve happily come to a site called ‘Your Geekness’ then you will no doubt have a Facebook account and be aware of the phenomenon that is Farmville. This highly addictive game allows users to create and maintain their own farms full if animals and crops, and has proven to be a massive hit with Facebook users. Granted, it’s also proved to be a massive annoyance to everyone else (Oh the joys of the ‘Hide/Block this application’ function), filling millions of Facebook feeds with nonsense, but for quite so many people to be taking part in it, there must be something being done right.

For players that want to get further with their game, there are loads of Farmville game Tips out there to be found, and there are even a bunch of unofficial Farmville game guides available too.

While it may make you want to scream sometimes, you have to admit it’s cornered the market for this type of thing (along with spamming your Facebook feeds into oblivion). As with stuff like Twilight and Glee, people either love it or hate it.

Which camp do YOU fall into? Do you think it’s the best game around and are eagerly searching for the best Farmville game tips? Or would you rather pour molten lava into your own eyes than play it? Either way, there’s no denying it has made its mark on pop culture right now.