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TRON LEGACY: First official trailer revealed

March 09, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies

tron legacy poster TRON LEGACY: First official trailer revealedThe first trailer for the long awaited TRON LEGACY has been found online after fans followed a treasure hunt of links and clues. There’s no embed of it available legitimately just yet, but you can view it in all its glory (and various sizes) right here. Not sure how long the trailer will be up at that location, so enjoy it while you can, dear friends! The TRON LEGACY trailer looks beautiful, even though there are only fleeting glimpses of the Tron universe in it. We get some nice setup, and revisiting Flynn’s Arcade is a moment of serious geek goosebumps, but it’s the computer world scenes that many people will wnat to check out. What we see looks very sleek indeed, but maybe a little, hmm, flat? I’m hoping the colours are more vibramt once we see the real thing, as it was those stark colours that helped to make the original TRON movie so damn stunning. Still, cool trailer. We can has movie nao? Kthx.