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Spider-Man Legendary Scale Bust

May 02, 2010 By: Geek Category: Comics

spider man legendary bust 2 Spider Man Legendary Scale Bust Spider-man comics fans and collectors will be delighted with the announcement that Sideshow Collectibles and Marvel Comics are producing the latest addition to the Marvel Legendary Scale Bust series: Spider-Man. Each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. Capturing the arachnid superhero perfectly, the Spider-Man Legendary Scale Bust is a perfect addition to any Spider-Man or Marvel collection!

Some know him as the “Amazing Spider-Man.” Some know him as the “Spectacular Spider-Man”. Some know him as “Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.” Few know him as Peter Parker, photographer and student. During a lab experiment, Peter was bitten by an irradiated spider. The bite gave Peter the abilities, strength and agility of a spider. Peter struggled to find purpose with his newfound powers, until the death of his Uncle Ben, which Peter could have prevented. He knew then that his destiny was to protect the innocent. From that fateful day, Peter began his crusade against evil, always remembering the words his Uncle Ben imparted on him, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Spider-man fans and collectors should be sure to pre-order this Spider-Man Legendary Scale Bust as its bound to be a sell out!

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet: The Lost Film Arrives In Comic Stores

March 06, 2010 By: Geek Category: Comics

kevinsmithgreenhornet2 Kevin Smiths Green Hornet: The Lost Film Arrives In Comic StoresThis week saw the release of the first issue of a new Kevin Smith Green Hornet comic with a difference. This one is based on the script Smith wrote for the Green Hornet movie he was going to make once upon a time. Now, of course, there’s a Green Hornet movie on the way starring (and co-written by) Seth Rogen, which is nothing to do with the Kevin Smith version. Smith decided that as a filmmaker he was unable to adequately make a superhero movie the way the studios would want one, and thus the script languished in obscurity for a while.

That is, until Dynamite Comics came up with the idea of turning that lost script into a comic book series. The first issue is in stores now, and it is well worth a read. The dialogue is very much in the style of Kevin Smith, which is great to read coming out of the Green Hornet’s mouth.

Of course, there’s no bad language, but the quick-fire, witty dialogue is 100% Smith. Jonathan Lau’s art is highly kinetic and suits the tone of the yarn perfectly. There’s a bunch of covers available (I got the J. Scott Campbell one as I’m a sucker for his art), but the main thing is to get in on this cool curio as soon as you can. It’s a ton of fun.

Rediscovering The Joys Of Comics

July 17, 2009 By: Geek Category: Comics, culture

514T09J015L. SL160  Rediscovering The Joys Of ComicsIt is a strange thing that happens to geeks every few years. You can love something to death at one point of your life and then find it incredibly passe the next. Take comics, for example. I was a child that loved comics more than anything. Teenagedom found me collecting and enjoying countless titles from right across the industry, and my twenties found me becoming a more discerning reader who was edging more towards humour titles and the odd superhero title. Now, at thirty I’m rediscovering what was special about comic books and graphic novels in the first place.

51GkqG8uGVL. SL160  Rediscovering The Joys Of ComicsThere are some awesome works of fiction being released right now, and the greats of the industry are getting the recognition they deserve. Preacher, Y The Last Man, Sin City, Watchmen et al are now seen as genuine works of intelligent, gripping fiction instead of just men in tights making POW noises. This is a good thing, and it does kinda make you proud to be one of the chosen few who have loved these things for years.

I guess the period I missed out on comics went hand in hand with a period where the comics industry seemed to be floundering and not quite sure of what it wanted to do with itself. That was a weird period, which was only alleviated when the comics movies started coming out and doing good business. That first X-Men film, for all its faults, helped kick-start the heart of the comics scene and get it back to basics.

51rCUC8vldL. SL160  Rediscovering The Joys Of ComicsGranted, there are still franchises that are trying to claw their way back to the realms of understandable storylines (the X-men titles, for example), but the comics industry is definitely back where it should be. Yeah, the stigma is still there, but less so than before. It’s cool to like comics now, and people are having graphic novels in their houses as coffee table books. Quite right too.

There is the worry that all of this is a passing phase, that people will tire of wearing comics t-shirts and underwear, get bored of their printed fixes and turn their backs on the industry again, but for now things are better than they have been in years. Remember the days of die-cut foil covers and so on? Yeesh. Nasty. Here’s hoping the trend becomes something tangible and long lasting. There’s a hell of a lot of good material out there to enjoy from publishers large and small. Check it out.

The joys of fake movie trailers

May 13, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek, Movies

thundercats 300x230 The joys of fake movie trailersThere are some brilliant attempts at trailers for films that don’t exist available online. You have to respect the work that goes into these things, as a bunch of them are truly spectacular. Granted, you may wonder who has *that* much time on their hands, but you can’t deny that some of these things are impressive. Sure, there are a million and one out there that are terrible, but now and again you’ll find some stunning pieces of work.

51WAEDPWTXL. SL160  The joys of fake movie trailersThere’s a ton of them based on superhero movies and sequels that are yet to be made, such as The Flash and Green Lantern, utilizing original CG material and clips from other movies, but the most impressive of all of the fake trailers I’ve seen thus far is a fascinating trailer for a movie of the classic Thundercats cartoon. Using footage from, let’s see, Troy, X-men, Spy Kids, Garfield, Farscape, Lord of the Rings and lots more, plus brand new (and very impressive) CG effects and makeup, the maker has created a trailer that plays remarkably well. Check it out:

So what inspires people to make these things? Some are made for fun, some as technical exercises, and many others are (sadly) made to try and dupe gullible fans into thinking they’re real. It’s the former two that need respect. The latter just need girlfriends. Seriously.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but you’ll still love it

May 01, 2009 By: Geek Category: Comics, Movies

x men origins wolverine movie poster4 224x300 X Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but youll still love itSo then, Cyclops is in it, along with Deadpool, Emma Frost, Gambit and a bunch of other X-Men universe porn. The thing is, X-Men origins: Wolverine X Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but youll still love it is supposed to be a prequel, and the inclusion of many of these characters is something that is making many fans’ heads spin right now. While I too am troubled by the comics universe that I love being turned on its head by such flagrant continuity destruction, I can’t help but still look at the new Wolverine movie as a big chunk of fun.

If you’re a fan of the X-Men movies and Hugh Jackman, while never having read any of the comics, then you’ll love this film in all of its sweaty-Jackman-shouting-in-a-vest glory, but if you’re a comics diehard, it’s gonna make your head spin. As a movie experience it will leave you questioning Marvel’s intentions- do they really want to alienate so many of their diehard audience? It certainly looks like it, but then your voice of reason will kick in and remind you this is the movies, not the comics.

51f64amFIRL. SL160  X Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but youll still love itWhile elements of Wolverine’s comics canon origin are certainly there, they have been reworked for the film audience, and I can’t really begrudge Fox for doing that. The thing is, the diehard core of X-men fans is dying off in the comics industry. With the X-titles moving ever further away from their glory days, I can fully understand Marvel and Fox wanting to cater more for fans of the blockbuster movies. Yeah, I even count X3 in that (hey, at least it LOOKED pretty, even though the script was trash). So if you’re an old-school fan of He Who makes The Snikt Noise, try not to get all ‘Scanners’ when you see the flick. It is, after all, just a movie.

416lixlhapL. SL160  X Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but youll still love itYou see, everything would have been okay if they’d put Jubilee in there as his companion and just had them caught up in a life-or-death battle instead of shoehorning all the leftover Marvel characters into it, but that’s just my opinion.

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