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7th Son: Descent by JC Hutchins – An awesome Christmas Gift for your geek

December 03, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek Books

51NaygMQwAL. SL500  7th Son: Descent by JC Hutchins   An awesome Christmas Gift for your geekHere’s something really special. Many of you may already be familiar with JC Hutchins either through his podcasts or the novel/gaming experience Personal Effects: Dark Art, but to those of you that aren’t, this may well be one of the most awesome things around. The background is thus: 7th Son: Descent started off as a podcast series based on a massive manuscript JC had created, which would have been enough to fill three novels. It ended up being one of the most talked about and enjoyed pieces of podcast fiction that had been released since the medium of podcasting began, and eventually a publisher took notice. 7th Son: Descent is the first part of the trilogy, which has been polished and reworked into a new form. St Martin’s Press took a gamble and decided to publish the first book, and now the hi-tech, geek-pleasing, page-turning thriller is out for a whole new audience to discover. Hell, buy two copies so you have one to give as a gift and one for yourself. It’s an excellent read, a thrilling ride, and a bold work from one of the most exciting writers currently making their mark. An essential geek gift.