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Star Wars Day – May the 4th be with you!

May 04, 2009 By: Geek Category: Star Wars

starwars 238x300 Star Wars Day   May the 4th be with you!So today is apparently Star Wars day, my young Padawan. Thanks to the delights of today’s date sounding very much like a rather well known phrase from a rather well known film, we get to declare an international day of geekery. Can’t complain at that, really. So how are you spending your Star Wars Day? Dressing up in your Wookie costume and howling at pedestrians as you zip past them in your car (which you’ve modified to look rather like a landspeeder)? No? Well, maybe one or two of you.

I suggest that you spend the day with some friends and all six Star Wars movies. Spend the prequels shouting at the screen while surrounded by Star Wars action figures Star Wars Day   May the 4th be with you! (all of whom have their blasters trained on jar Jar Binks, the scourge of every classic Star Wars fan’s life). Then once your collective spleens have been vented, you can all relax and enjoy the original trilogy.

darth vader 300x200 Star Wars Day   May the 4th be with you!Y’know, the special editions of the original trilogy work really well. While their initial incarnations were incredible achievements in cinema at the time, the effects and cinematography have aged rather a lot. Thanks to those revised editions, a new generation of Star Wars fans is growing up with a version of the saga that will blow them away every time. I’m a huge fan of the originals, and seeing Return of the Jedi at the cinema as a child is one of my best childhood memories, but I have to agree that the special editions were a great idea. They were handled well, and while not every new addition to the films worked perfectly, most of them did.

The only problem I have with the special editions now is their DVD versions. Well, Return of the Jedi in particular. That moment where Obi Wan, Yoda and Anakin return as glowing entities has been tarnished by George Lucas swapping Sebastian Shaw (aka the human version of Darth Vader, whose armoured incarnation was played by Dave Prowse and voiced by James Earl Jones) for Hayden Christensen, who played the character in episodes 2 and 3 of the prequel series. That aside, the Star Wars special editions are perfect viewing for today. So slip on your Jedi (bath) robes and enjoy some of the finest entertainment that has ever been committed to film.

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