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Sarah Silverman- ‘Jesus is Magic’ DVD review

May 31, 2009 By: Geek Category: Reviews

511Y8RZW71L. SL500  Sarah Silverman  Jesus is Magic DVD reviewOver here in the UK, we haven’t really been exposed all that much to the delights- not to mention the massive grin- of Sarah Silverman. Stumbling across this DVD was something of an eye opener, I can tell ya. Known across the US as a comedian, actress and incredibly offensive personality, she hasn’t really crossed over to the UK consciousness aside from that infamous music video involving Matt Damon.

Sarah Silverman’s ‘Jesus is Magic’ is a strange movie project from 2008, fusing filmed sketches with standup material and pseudo-dramatized scenes into one show. Her wit is on top form, and there are many LOL moments to be had, mostly at the expense of others. Is she offensive? Only if you are bereft of a sense of humour. Much of the humour just points out our own faults as a species, which many people can rather take the wrong way.

518aIFupX8L. SL160  Sarah Silverman  Jesus is Magic DVD reviewFavourite moments include the ‘You’re gonna die soon’ song and most of the standup material. The filmed segments don’t really work quite as well as the straight-ahead comedy, but they flesh out the film well and provide an entertaining change of pace if the standup starts to grate on your nerves. This is a great example of why and how Sarah Silverman is one of the most popular comics of her generation. Outrageous and foul-mouthed she may be, but the lady has talent.

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