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Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu-ray?

July 06, 2009 By: Geek Category: culture, Movies

61OQtfp2ndL. SL160  Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu ray?The announcement of the Watchmen Blu-ray ‘Maximum movie Mode’ feature that has Zack Snyder pop up throughout the film and take you through the making of key scenes has got us thinking about what we can expect in the future with extras on movies. The idea of the commentary track has always been one of the most interesting things about DVDs, but now with the more advanced capabilities of Blu-ray movies Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu ray?, and thus the advance in extras, what can we expect ion the future?

We’re very much into the idea of the commentary track becoming more of a multimedia experience, very much like it is with the forthcoming Watchmen disc. Something I personally would love to see is a movie extra feature that allows you to watch the film with footage from the various featurettes included in the film at the point of the story they take place, along with storyboards, raw green screen footage, rehearsals and so on.

It would be fascinating for viewers and also give us more of an idea of the amount of work that goes into creating each shot of the movies we love (and indeed the ones we hate- there are a number of times I’ve loved the special features on a DVD and hated the film).

41mZ 9Du5TL. SL160  Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu ray?Interactivity will be the key with future advances in movie extras, we would imagine. The viewer should be able to get information on any particular scene or effect they wish, selecting a particular mode and then selecting an area of the screen with some form of cursor (or the touch-screen of a handheld device such as an iPod or mobile phone), leading to information, stills and footage regarding whichever aspect of the movie they have selected.

Select a big effect, and it should take you to information on how the effect was achieved. Select a cast member, and it could show you their screen test or interviews on set. That sort of thing. Or, what about watching the whole film in storyboards and animatics? That would be awesome.

Of course, this is all probably on the way already, and I’m coming across as hopelessly outdated. If so, then I’m sorry, I just want cool stuff! Thankfully, now that the technology is available and in use, better and better extras are becoming available, and a whole new way of enjoying films and TV shows is here.

Being able to see further into the creation of our favourite films, and see deleted material and alternate versions with Blu-ray movies Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu ray? is making it so much more fun to watch a movie again. Now, how about some films that are as good as Watchmen to go along with these great extras?

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