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Spider-man 4: delayed or not delayed?

December 18, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies

51cFvZy9liL. SL160  Spider man 4: delayed or not delayed?There’s been some hoo-ha doing the rounds this past few days about a possible delay to the production of Spider-man 4. It was floated recently that the studio execs at Fox and Sam Raimi were butting heads over who should be the film’s villain. Raimi is apparently wanting to use the Vulture as the main bad guy in the new film, while Fox were said to be wanting him to use bigger, more popular villains (I’m thinking the studio was wanting to use Carnage or something). Then came word that the production had indeed stalled, but only for the Christmas holidays. D’oh! Is this a case of a break being blown out of proportion, or is there genuine tro51BJKOLMtAL. SL160  Spider man 4: delayed or not delayed?uble with Spider-Man 4? After Spider-Man 3‘s critical pounding (although, remember, its opening box office was MASSIVE), I can understand the execs wanting to use a big villain, but I can also understand Raimi wanting to do something different. Me? I’d suggest appearances by Kraven, the Black Cat and, erm, Modok! Every Marvel movie needs Modok icon wink Spider man 4: delayed or not delayed? Whatever happens, we’ll be bringing you the details.

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