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Kick Ass – This Year’s Comic Book Movie Hit?

February 18, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies

51EKpYyThFL. SL160  Kick Ass   This Years Comic Book Movie Hit?The trailers are out, the posters are showing up all around the world, and we’re not far off finally seeing the long awaited adaptation of the notorious Mark Millar/John Romita Jr comic series KICK ASS.

The buzz is reaching its apex, but is this flick going to be this year’s major comic book movie hit? Probably not in terms of box office (IRON MAN 2 will take that honour, without a doubt), but possibly in terms of acclaim, anyway.5125uFX1bLL. SL160  Kick Ass   This Years Comic Book Movie Hit?

With what has the potential to be a, erm, kick ass cast and direction that seems to have really captured the spirit of the source material, I think a lot of people around the world are about to get a n51px2q0HtBL. SL160  Kick Ass   This Years Comic Book Movie Hit?ew favourite film.

The release of the Kick Ass movie is being accompanied by a bunch of tie-in making of books and whatnot, all of which are helping the cause by giving non-comics fans a look behind what it takes to put these stories together. It does feel a bit weird when something that has been so loved by a core audience crosses over into the mainstream, but at least this time it looks like we have something to be proud of. Now that kicks ass.

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