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April 29, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek

Klaatu barada nikto! We’ll say it even if Keanu won’t. This is your Geekness speaking, and we have come for your souls, or at least your attention. We are a bunch of fans, geeks, dorks, nerds and net addicts just like you, and we’re here to geek out over movies, music, comics, TV, collectibles and the joys of geek culture.

It seems that in recent years the geek life has come to the forefront of popular culture as the ‘in thing’, and quite rightly so. The Geeks have at last inherited the Earth, and thus the need for geek must be fulfilled. Like David Hasselhoff and being manly, geeks and the internet go together hand in hand.

We have some strong opinions, and we ain’t afraid to use them, so don’t expect everything to be light and fluffy. We kiss up to nobody. Unless they deserve it. So welcome to our piece of the web, where you’ll find all kinds of delights in the weeks and months to come. Pleased to meet you.

A big part of what we’re setting out to do is get to the meat and potatoes of the geek phenomenon and see what makes the scene, and us, tick. Whether it’s movies, games, bands, cartoons, toys or whatever, it is fair game to come under the scrutiny of Your Geekness.

Set phasers to FUN. Jeez, I’m out of puns for now.

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