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Ferris Bueller’s house up for sale: Ferrari Not included

May 27, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek, Movies

ferris 212x300 Ferris Buellers house up for sale: Ferrari Not includedAll you John Hughes fans might be thinking of moving now that news has surfaced that Ferris Bueller’s mate Cameron’s house, or at least the house the character lived in, is now up for sale. There’s no mention if you get Matthew Broderick and a shampoo horn in there with the deal, but what self-respecting geek wouldn’t want to live in the house that was used in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Just think, you could wake up each morning and plan your next day off in style while wandering the rooms and pretending to talk to the camera. Just don’t try and break the fourth wall for real, or the house value will slip dramatically.

51W7G1J0DSL. SL160  Ferris Buellers house up for sale: Ferrari Not includedThe house is up for sale at a cool $2.3million, or £1.5million to us Brits. So just how nice is The House That Ferris Lived In? There’s 5,300 square feet of space to it, and the place is just as gorgeous as in the classic movie. Just keep an eye out for demented school Principals around the back door. The house features a wall of Ferris Bueller memorabilia from the shooting of the John Hughes teen movies Ferris Buellers house up for sale: Ferrari Not included masterpiece.

Yeah, getting the jitters to move. I wonder if they’ll throw in that mannequin/pulley system too? I could use that.

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