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MC Frontalot- Classic album now just $5

May 08, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek Music

61S2TSHKB5L. SL160  MC Frontalot  Classic album now just $5One of the best albums we’ve heard in the realms of geek music is MC Frontalot’s ‘Nerdcore Rising’. Not familiar with Nerdcore? It’s Hip Hop without (Most of) the misogyny and boasts lyrics and themes based around geek culture, comics, science fiction and gaming. We’re not generally hip-hop fans, but MC Frontalot is a firm favourite with the YourGeekness staff. Plus, that classic album is now only 5 dollars to download! (Cheers to Frontalot himself for putting that on his Twitter feed). With classics like ‘Goth Girls’ and the awesome theme tune he did for the Penny Arcade comics, you’re in for a geek treat. Check it out.

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