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Ebook Readers: The Sony, The Kindle, The iPhone, the iPod Touch- is the medium finally coming of age?

August 24, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek Gadgets

kindle2 223x300 Ebook Readers: The Sony, The Kindle, The iPhone, the iPod Touch  is the medium finally coming of age?Ebooks and Ebook readers have often taken something of a bashing from many people. The argument is that they won’t replace the traditionally published book any time soon, of ever. In reality,. people are wanting more and more digital content and as such the various Ebook readers that are on the market are gaining popularity.

Dedicated Ebook readers, such as the sleek Sony Ebook Reader or the Amazon Kindle, are very popular with avid readers, but really, the future of the Ebook market lies with devices that do more than just display text. The iPhone and the iPod Touch are great examples of this.

Their versatile interface allows for a pretty decent reading space, and thanks to the options to resize the text on most iPod/iPhone compatible Ebooks (as well as the skew function), they do have the edge over the dedicated readers right now.

One factor is cost- buying something that can do dozens of things instead of something with one function for the same price (or more right now) isn’t that attractive. Then there’s the size and shape of these things.

While the Sony Ereader and the Amazon Kindle are both sleek and attractively designed (the new version of the Amazon Kindle is very nice indeed), they don’t really compete with the probability and ease of use of an iPod or iPhone, both of which can be easily stored or carried in a pocket.

As a medium, eBooks are certainly on the rise. Demand for material to be read on the Kindle is rising at a great pace, including newspapers and blogs, all of which are delivered via a wireless connection. Similarly, there is a huge choice of material for the Apple devices in the Itunes App Store, which is doing brisk trade too. The Ebook medium may not have completely come into its own just yet, but the seeds are there, and maybe, just maybe, the time is almost here for them to truly shine.

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