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Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet: The Lost Film Arrives In Comic Stores

March 06, 2010 By: Geek Category: Comics

kevinsmithgreenhornet2 Kevin Smiths Green Hornet: The Lost Film Arrives In Comic StoresThis week saw the release of the first issue of a new Kevin Smith Green Hornet comic with a difference. This one is based on the script Smith wrote for the Green Hornet movie he was going to make once upon a time. Now, of course, there’s a Green Hornet movie on the way starring (and co-written by) Seth Rogen, which is nothing to do with the Kevin Smith version. Smith decided that as a filmmaker he was unable to adequately make a superhero movie the way the studios would want one, and thus the script languished in obscurity for a while.

That is, until Dynamite Comics came up with the idea of turning that lost script into a comic book series. The first issue is in stores now, and it is well worth a read. The dialogue is very much in the style of Kevin Smith, which is great to read coming out of the Green Hornet’s mouth.

Of course, there’s no bad language, but the quick-fire, witty dialogue is 100% Smith. Jonathan Lau’s art is highly kinetic and suits the tone of the yarn perfectly. There’s a bunch of covers available (I got the J. Scott Campbell one as I’m a sucker for his art), but the main thing is to get in on this cool curio as soon as you can. It’s a ton of fun.

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