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Star Trek: Where next for the movies?

May 15, 2009 By: Geek Category: Star Trek

startrek 201x300 Star Trek: Where next for the movies?Woo-hoo! I saw the new Star Trek movie at last, after a week of not being able to make it to the cinema. Wow. Just wow. I’d put up a review, but you know what it would be like. The film is IMMENSE in every possible way. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I’ve been a trek fan for nigh on twenty years now, and this just blew me away. The question that it did raise though is where next? The sequel is already being prepped. The script is underway and JJ Abrams is to produce, but not direct. With a whole new universe of possibilities for the Star Trek mythos now that that the movies follow an alternate universe and timeline to the original TV shows and movies, I’m really rather stumped as to where they will take the next film.

41al%2B 3XqaL. SL160  Star Trek: Where next for the movies?Something’s telling me Klingons will feature in the second new Star Trek movie, as a logical (sorry) move on the part of Paramount. A new species or villain may not sit too well with the fans just yet, and as the Klingons are already established in this new film as being a presence out there, it would be cool to see some new, redesigned Klingons showing up.

I don’t know though- would a new villain add something to the franchise or take it away? I think that for this first sequel it will need to feature creatures or a villain that the general populace is already familiar with, which puts Klingons at the top of the list really, doesn’t it?

Perhaps we could see something that has been mentioned in older Star Trek stories but never seen? Maybe. Or how about a new spin on an established story from the original Star Trek TV series? Those three years of episodes are ripe with stories that could be expanded on or seen from a new perspective thanks to this new universe/direction. City at the Edge of Forever? Space Seed?

41N4D9XGQVL. SL160  Star Trek: Where next for the movies?Hmm, that last one brings up an interesting thought- I wonder if Khan Noonian Singh will show up in this series of flms? maybe not, as I think The Wrath of Khan is held in such high regard that it would be somewhat foolish to revisit old ground like that, despite how cool it would be. maybe something else along those lines, another aspect of the Eugenics wars coming to bite the present on the backside? Whatever, we’ll be following it with great interest. The new Star Trek movie is fantastic, so the gauntlet has been thrown down to make the next one even better. Make it so.

Star Trek is cool again. We owe JJ Abrams some Synthahol.

April 29, 2009 By: Geek Category: Star Trek

stposter Star Trek is cool again. We owe JJ Abrams some Synthahol.Yeah, I didn’t see it coming either. We were more than a little sceptical of the new Star Trek movie when it was originally announced. We were still sore from having to deal with Enterprise’s degeneration into nonsense around the second season mark, so to many fans the Star trek franchise was all but dead, Jim.

Then came the rumours of a Starfleet Academy movie, a prequel to the original series, and a collective groan could be heard from many corners of fandom. Gah. Not again. Leave it alone. Don’t ruin the original series. You get the idea. The thing is, when JJ Abrams was announced as the director for the project, a fair few eyebrows were arched in a Spock-like fashion. The man certainly knew how to make an exciting flick, but could he handle the rich, multilayered and much-loved Star Trek Star Trek is cool again. We owe JJ Abrams some Synthahol. universe?

As many of you are discovering now, and many more will soon follow, the answer is a resounding YES. He may not have done what you would have liked him to do with the series, and yes, he may have royally screwed up continuity and canon, but Star Trek is at a point in its existence where a drastic reimagining like this isn’t just positive, but necessary.

Star Trek had grown complacent, and had got stuck in a very well worn rut. After the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek is cool again. We owe JJ Abrams some Synthahol., the old team of producers floundered and thrashed around until things ended, with rather cringeworthy results.

Geeks like us followed the casting and the shooting of the new film as much as we could, every morsel feeding our need to find out more.

Then we saw the trailers. Oh. Em. Gee. Awesome doesn’t do them justice. The new Star trek has tirned out to be a huge, hyperkinetic epic that old school fans couldn’t even have dreamed of back when the show first aired in the mists of the past. It is one hell of an achievement, and with the news that a sequel is already on the way (Let those Wrath of Khan comparisons commence!), it looks like the new Star Trek era is fully underway.

Just don’t wear a red shirt when you go see it. You’ll never make it our alive.