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San Diego Comic Con: One Day You Will Be Ours!!!

July 26, 2009 By: Geek Category: Comics, culture, Geek, Movies, San Diego Comic Con

sdcc08 logo1 244x300 San Diego Comic Con: One Day You Will Be Ours!!!The San Diego Comic Con is here, and movie, TV, comics and collectibles fans the world over are fuming with jealousy that they’re not there with those lucky ****s who managed to go this year. This year’s event is the 40th annual SDCC, and has attracted another sell-out crowd, along with the absolute cream, of the film, TV, video games, toys and comic industries, peddling their wares and previewing the delights that are to come.

There have been some massive panels at this year’s event, with James Cameron previewing Avatar, Robert Pattinson and ‘those other ones’ from Twilight previewing New Moon, Robert Downey Jr and co previewing Iron Man 2, a million and one comics industry announcements, the stars of the collectibles scene (check out the new items from Sideshow Collectibles at SDCC this year!).

Plus there have been the usual million workshops, panels, dealers, and mini events at the event that the major press doesn’t seem to cover, all of which we’d love to be able to go to.

Man, one year, ONE YEAR we’ll be there and soak it all up. Above all, aside from all of the big names that are there being all big named, the event is about fans and geeking out over the fantastic. What’s not to love?

One year it’ll be us there, filling YouTube and Flickr with goodies and making you all jealous. Until then, we must go and polish our Stormtrooper outfits and dream of Olivia Munn.


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