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Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu-ray?

July 06, 2009 By: Geek Category: culture, Movies

61OQtfp2ndL. SL160  Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu ray?The announcement of the Watchmen Blu-ray ‘Maximum movie Mode’ feature that has Zack Snyder pop up throughout the film and take you through the making of key scenes has got us thinking about what we can expect in the future with extras on movies. The idea of the commentary track has always been one of the most interesting things about DVDs, but now with the more advanced capabilities of Blu-ray movies Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu ray?, and thus the advance in extras, what can we expect ion the future?

We’re very much into the idea of the commentary track becoming more of a multimedia experience, very much like it is with the forthcoming Watchmen disc. Something I personally would love to see is a movie extra feature that allows you to watch the film with footage from the various featurettes included in the film at the point of the story they take place, along with storyboards, raw green screen footage, rehearsals and so on.

It would be fascinating for viewers and also give us more of an idea of the amount of work that goes into creating each shot of the movies we love (and indeed the ones we hate- there are a number of times I’ve loved the special features on a DVD and hated the film).

41mZ 9Du5TL. SL160  Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu ray?Interactivity will be the key with future advances in movie extras, we would imagine. The viewer should be able to get information on any particular scene or effect they wish, selecting a particular mode and then selecting an area of the screen with some form of cursor (or the touch-screen of a handheld device such as an iPod or mobile phone), leading to information, stills and footage regarding whichever aspect of the movie they have selected.

Select a big effect, and it should take you to information on how the effect was achieved. Select a cast member, and it could show you their screen test or interviews on set. That sort of thing. Or, what about watching the whole film in storyboards and animatics? That would be awesome.

Of course, this is all probably on the way already, and I’m coming across as hopelessly outdated. If so, then I’m sorry, I just want cool stuff! Thankfully, now that the technology is available and in use, better and better extras are becoming available, and a whole new way of enjoying films and TV shows is here.

Being able to see further into the creation of our favourite films, and see deleted material and alternate versions with Blu-ray movies Where next for movie extras on DVD and Blu ray? is making it so much more fun to watch a movie again. Now, how about some films that are as good as Watchmen to go along with these great extras?

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li DVDs and Blu ray on the way… wait, it got released?!

June 17, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies

61P82CjB9HL. SL500  Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li DVDs and Blu ray on the way... wait, it got released?!Whoops! While we did follow the making of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, we seem to have missed its cinema release altogether. Was it that dire? It certainly seems to be the case that this mooted reboot of the Street Fighter live action movie series has turned out to be a bit of a dud, but then again, it does seem to provide some entertainment in the same way that the Bloodrayne movies and the Dead or Alive film do. Disengage your brain and have some fun.

Now, I don’t have a problem with bad movies. In fact, I love them, but hopes were kinda high for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, and sadly it looks like this is just another in a long line of ‘okay’ video game movies. That said, it is fun for action fans and the Street Fighter references should keep a fair few fans of the video game franchise happy for its duration. There’s no Chun Li costume though, which sucks a bit, but the film still has something going for it thanks to Kristen Kreuk’s fun performance and the nifty fight sequences. We’re looking forward to getting hold of the blu-ray!

Ferris Bueller’s house up for sale: Ferrari Not included

May 27, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek, Movies

ferris 212x300 Ferris Buellers house up for sale: Ferrari Not includedAll you John Hughes fans might be thinking of moving now that news has surfaced that Ferris Bueller’s mate Cameron’s house, or at least the house the character lived in, is now up for sale. There’s no mention if you get Matthew Broderick and a shampoo horn in there with the deal, but what self-respecting geek wouldn’t want to live in the house that was used in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Just think, you could wake up each morning and plan your next day off in style while wandering the rooms and pretending to talk to the camera. Just don’t try and break the fourth wall for real, or the house value will slip dramatically.

51W7G1J0DSL. SL160  Ferris Buellers house up for sale: Ferrari Not includedThe house is up for sale at a cool $2.3million, or £1.5million to us Brits. So just how nice is The House That Ferris Lived In? There’s 5,300 square feet of space to it, and the place is just as gorgeous as in the classic movie. Just keep an eye out for demented school Principals around the back door. The house features a wall of Ferris Bueller memorabilia from the shooting of the John Hughes teen movies Ferris Buellers house up for sale: Ferrari Not included masterpiece.

Yeah, getting the jitters to move. I wonder if they’ll throw in that mannequin/pulley system too? I could use that.

Terminator Salvation: Could we have been wrong?

May 22, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies, Terminator

51UPcISbG8L. SL500  Terminator Salvation: Could we have been wrong?Reviews for Terminator Salvation are starting to pour in from all over these here interwebs, and man, they aren’t looking good. Could we have been wrong all this time? It is looking increasingly possible that the film is going to be the exact opposite of the masterpiece we had come to expect. The trailers look incredible, and with Christian Bale in it, things were looking even better. But remember 1999? The Phantom Menace had amazing trailers and Liam Neeson, and look what happened there!

61zImDGy8AL. SL500  Terminator Salvation: Could we have been wrong?Reading the Terminator Salvation reviews that are coming out now, it seems that we have a similar case on our hands. It would appear that everything that made the first two Terminator movies compelling has been lost in favour of big action set pieces, flat dialogue, a duff story and very little of any real substance. Hell, a bunch of the reviews are even saying that the god-awful Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was better. Wow.

From these reviews, the picture that is being built up is of a film that is a gargantuan screw-up. Everybody here hopes that it isn’t, and we look forward to bringing you our full review once the movie is out. It is going to be interesting to see how it divides fans. Yikes.

Sherlock Holmes Trailer- What fresh hell is this?

May 19, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies

51syO2Q49LL. SL500  Sherlock Holmes Trailer  What fresh hell is this?As much as I love Robert Downey Jr, I have a distinctly bad feeling after watching the trailer for Sherlock Holmes, in which he plays the titular sleuth opposite Jude Law’s Watson. I can’t shake the feeling that it looks a little too close to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG -*shudder*) movie. Remember that aberration? I’d rather not. Unfortunately it looks like this version of Sherlock Holmes has missed the point of the character a bit.

The set pieces look very nice, and there are one-liners aplenty, but how about some substance too? Where is the subtle Sherlock Holmes that became a legend in Arthur Conan Doyle‘s stories? Where’s the detective work? Maybe the trailer is just a showreel type affair and there will be a plot and something interesting going on, but sadly from this I think we’re in for another LXG. I’ll be keeping an eye on this and will watch the film with interest before truly unleashing my vitriol.

Check out the trailer for yourself: Sherlock Holmes Trailer

The joys of fake movie trailers

May 13, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek, Movies

thundercats 300x230 The joys of fake movie trailersThere are some brilliant attempts at trailers for films that don’t exist available online. You have to respect the work that goes into these things, as a bunch of them are truly spectacular. Granted, you may wonder who has *that* much time on their hands, but you can’t deny that some of these things are impressive. Sure, there are a million and one out there that are terrible, but now and again you’ll find some stunning pieces of work.

51WAEDPWTXL. SL160  The joys of fake movie trailersThere’s a ton of them based on superhero movies and sequels that are yet to be made, such as The Flash and Green Lantern, utilizing original CG material and clips from other movies, but the most impressive of all of the fake trailers I’ve seen thus far is a fascinating trailer for a movie of the classic Thundercats cartoon. Using footage from, let’s see, Troy, X-men, Spy Kids, Garfield, Farscape, Lord of the Rings and lots more, plus brand new (and very impressive) CG effects and makeup, the maker has created a trailer that plays remarkably well. Check it out:

So what inspires people to make these things? Some are made for fun, some as technical exercises, and many others are (sadly) made to try and dupe gullible fans into thinking they’re real. It’s the former two that need respect. The latter just need girlfriends. Seriously.

Dark City: a modern classic revisited

May 12, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies

darkcity 226x300 Dark City: a modern classic revisitedOne of the finest pure science fiction films that has been released in the past couple of decades is Dark City, directed by The Crow/I, Robot/Knowing’s Alex Proyas and starring Kiefer Sutherland and Rufus Sewell. It remains a cult favourite to this day, and with a new version of the film now available, a new generation of fans can discover this dark masterpiece.

The thing is, when the film was initially released back in 1998, it was a commercial failure. Why the hell was it this way? Watch the film again and it is easy to see. The film’s structure doesn’t adhere to the usual conventions of Hollywood production, instead favouring a much or mysterious approach to storytelling. Plus, while it does have Sutherland in it, the film doesn’t have much in the way of stars in its cast.

darkcity2 300x218 Dark City: a modern classic revisited

This is something that worked very much in the film’s favour though. The cast is uniformly excellent, and Richard O’ Brien is terrifying as the lead Stranger.

513MxxmoI5L. SL160  Dark City: a modern classic revisitedConceptually, the Dark City film is very similar to the classic science fiction short story ‘The Tunnel Under The World’ by SF legend Frederik Pohl, in which the inhabitants of a deceptively normal city undergo various ordeals at the hands of unseen hands in the name of experimentation (plus it also features two characters who become wise to what is going on), and even the chilling climax is similar to the final moments of that story, when the true nature of the city is revealed.

Similarities to classic science fiction aside, Dark City is a beautifully made film that holds up very well today. With striking visuals, a great cast and some very powerful direction and editing, Dark City is a film that will be held in greater and greater regard as time goes on.

Coraline – The movie that will change the way you look at buttons forever

May 10, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies

51w6IKygGEL. SL500  Coraline   The movie that will change the way you look at buttons foreverNeil Gaiman’s excellent children’s book Coraline was a surreal little adventure that grabbed the imaginations of a ton of kids and adults alike. Now, after much in the way of hype, it the movie adaptation of Coraline, directed by The Nightmare Before Christmas’s animation maestro Henry Selick. There is something truly magical about stop-motion animation and thus it is the perfect medium to bring Coraline to the big screen. Coraline is voiced to great effect by Dakota Fanning, who heads up a very impressive cast alongside people such as Ian McShane, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Teri Hatcher.

Does it work? Yeah, for the most part it does. Some of Gaiman’s delicate storytelling is lost along the way, but it does hold up well as both a movie and an adaptation. The script appears to have done away with a few scenes, at least that’s how it felt, as the secondary characters don’t seem to be in it nearly as much as they are in the book.

Visually, the Coraline movie is a triumph. The Mouse Circus is breathtaking to look at, and the design and construction of t41QgUAWWZEL. SL160  Coraline   The movie that will change the way you look at buttons foreverhe models used in the animation is beautiful- they do look like physical objects, but with the animation mastery on show they really do come to life. Coraline herself is the obvious star of the whole thing, with a ton of attention paid to the way her facial expressions work and her mannerisms are portrayed.

Oh, and yes, the buttons for eyes thing? Creepy as hell. Neil Gaiman’s Coraline isn’t really a film I’d take small children to see due to the weird content and some really rather scary scenes (that climax is awesome), but for kids 11+ it is a treat. Hell, it’s a treat for adults too. For the full effect, make sure you see it in 3D, which looks great when applied to stop motion animation. I just wish it felt a bit more like the book. Great stuff though, and well worth seeing again.

Dear Kevin Smith, we loved ‘Jersey Girl’ even if nobody else did

May 03, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies

jersey girl 201x300 Dear Kevin Smith, we loved Jersey Girl even if nobody else didWe are out there. We may be few in numbers, but we are certain of our allegiance. We are the elite few that loved ‘Jersey Girl’, Kevin Smith Dear Kevin Smith, we loved Jersey Girl even if nobody else did‘s first foray into more commercial cinema. While he has since gone back to the arena of the crude with ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’, ‘Jersey Girl Dear Kevin Smith, we loved Jersey Girl even if nobody else did‘ was a valiant attempt to make something that would appeal to a wider audience. It failed rather. The problem was, it wasn’t what Smith’s hardcore fans wanted, and the general audience had an issue with it being a Kevin Smith film.

The thing is, it is actually very watchable. Funny and heartwarming, it features a great performance from the late George Carlin as well as a very sweet performance from Liv Tyler. While it was a commercial flop, the film is a creative success, as it shows Kevin Smith Dear Kevin Smith, we loved Jersey Girl even if nobody else did is capable of more than just Fart jokes. For more glimpses of what Kevin is really capable of, there’s always the classic Chasing Amy, and Clerks 2, which has some of his best writing in it to date.

Yeah, we really liked ‘Jersey Girl’. Give it a chance and you may well do so too.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but you’ll still love it

May 01, 2009 By: Geek Category: Comics, Movies

x men origins wolverine movie poster4 224x300 X Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but youll still love itSo then, Cyclops is in it, along with Deadpool, Emma Frost, Gambit and a bunch of other X-Men universe porn. The thing is, X-Men origins: Wolverine X Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but youll still love it is supposed to be a prequel, and the inclusion of many of these characters is something that is making many fans’ heads spin right now. While I too am troubled by the comics universe that I love being turned on its head by such flagrant continuity destruction, I can’t help but still look at the new Wolverine movie as a big chunk of fun.

If you’re a fan of the X-Men movies and Hugh Jackman, while never having read any of the comics, then you’ll love this film in all of its sweaty-Jackman-shouting-in-a-vest glory, but if you’re a comics diehard, it’s gonna make your head spin. As a movie experience it will leave you questioning Marvel’s intentions- do they really want to alienate so many of their diehard audience? It certainly looks like it, but then your voice of reason will kick in and remind you this is the movies, not the comics.

51f64amFIRL. SL160  X Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but youll still love itWhile elements of Wolverine’s comics canon origin are certainly there, they have been reworked for the film audience, and I can’t really begrudge Fox for doing that. The thing is, the diehard core of X-men fans is dying off in the comics industry. With the X-titles moving ever further away from their glory days, I can fully understand Marvel and Fox wanting to cater more for fans of the blockbuster movies. Yeah, I even count X3 in that (hey, at least it LOOKED pretty, even though the script was trash). So if you’re an old-school fan of He Who makes The Snikt Noise, try not to get all ‘Scanners’ when you see the flick. It is, after all, just a movie.

416lixlhapL. SL160  X Men Origins: Wolverine may make you question your geekness, but youll still love itYou see, everything would have been okay if they’d put Jubilee in there as his companion and just had them caught up in a life-or-death battle instead of shoehorning all the leftover Marvel characters into it, but that’s just my opinion.

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