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Predators – A Movie Legend Reborn

March 22, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies

predators Predators   A Movie Legend Reborn

The new Predators movie looks set to do something that many thought impossible, and actually bring some credibility back to these famous monsters. While the original Predator movie was superb and Predator 2 a pretty entertaining sequel, the franchise was monumentally derailed by the terrible Alien Vs Predator and its even worse follow-up, Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem. Those two films, while full of action and shocks, were devoid of everything that made the Predators so compelling in the first place. They were onscreen too much, too clumsy, and all of their mystique was lost.

Now, all that is changing thanks to the more than capable work of Robert Rodriguez and his crew, who have finally given us a Predators movie that lives up to the promise of the first film. I would liken this to the second film in the ‘Alien’ series- a step up from the original in terms of tension and scale, and essentially a supercharged version of the first.

This film looks set to be stuffed with everything that made the Predators great all those years ago, and it has the bonus of a great cast, which is something both of the AVP movies were lacking. This time around with the new Predators movie, we have stars like Adrian Brody and Laurence Fishburne filling out a superb roll-call of talent, which is an all-important edge over the previous flicks. This time around, there are actual characters onscreen instead of just cannon fodder.

The tension has been ramped up in the new Predators movie thanks to the twist of setting it on a planet the Predators use as a game reserve, and the human cast is their game. That’s a superb idea which will add a ton of fear to proceedings, and coupled with the characters playing off each other and trying to stay alive, fans are in for something spectacular. The crew have worked hard to create something that looks every bit as gripping as fans could hope for, even including the return of the original Stan Winston designed Predator creature from the original movie.

Trailers and promo pictures from the movie suggest a much more thoughtful film, planned out better, shot better, acted better and just plain better than those two godawful crossover films. The new Predators movie has really reignited interest in these iconic movie monsters, and that’s something that us fans of the classic films must thank Robert Rodriguez for. It’s pretty much safe to say that the new Predators movie is going to be a film to remember.

TRON LEGACY: First official trailer revealed

March 09, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies

tron legacy poster TRON LEGACY: First official trailer revealedThe first trailer for the long awaited TRON LEGACY has been found online after fans followed a treasure hunt of links and clues. There’s no embed of it available legitimately just yet, but you can view it in all its glory (and various sizes) right here. Not sure how long the trailer will be up at that location, so enjoy it while you can, dear friends! The TRON LEGACY trailer looks beautiful, even though there are only fleeting glimpses of the Tron universe in it. We get some nice setup, and revisiting Flynn’s Arcade is a moment of serious geek goosebumps, but it’s the computer world scenes that many people will wnat to check out. What we see looks very sleek indeed, but maybe a little, hmm, flat? I’m hoping the colours are more vibramt once we see the real thing, as it was those stark colours that helped to make the original TRON movie so damn stunning. Still, cool trailer. We can has movie nao? Kthx.

The Crazies: Check Out The Original Version As Well As The New Hit!

March 01, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies, Uncategorized

61cHls2S76L. SL160  The Crazies: Check Out The Original Version As Well As The New Hit!The remake of The Crazies is doing very well right now, with a great many positive reviews flying about online and in print. This is a cool thing to see, considering it’s a remake of a cult low-budget flick from way back in 1973, which was directed by none other than Night Of The Living Dead mastermind George A Romero. The political satire aspect may have been toned down a bit for the remake in favour of more insanity, but it’s still a powerful remake.

This original version is worth seeing for more than just curiosity though. It’s a brilliantly executed (and somewhat underrated) SF film with a horror edge that holds up well today even of the production values are less than impressive now.

If you like the new big-screen version of The Crazies, then the original movie is well worth checking out for comparison. Then, if you like that film, I’d suggest searching out a good copy of the Farenheit 451 movie too. Oh, and Soylent Greeen! Those three work well together in my head icon wink The Crazies: Check Out The Original Version As Well As The New Hit!

Check out the trailer to the original:

Kick Ass – This Year’s Comic Book Movie Hit?

February 18, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies

51EKpYyThFL. SL160  Kick Ass   This Years Comic Book Movie Hit?The trailers are out, the posters are showing up all around the world, and we’re not far off finally seeing the long awaited adaptation of the notorious Mark Millar/John Romita Jr comic series KICK ASS.

The buzz is reaching its apex, but is this flick going to be this year’s major comic book movie hit? Probably not in terms of box office (IRON MAN 2 will take that honour, without a doubt), but possibly in terms of acclaim, anyway.5125uFX1bLL. SL160  Kick Ass   This Years Comic Book Movie Hit?

With what has the potential to be a, erm, kick ass cast and direction that seems to have really captured the spirit of the source material, I think a lot of people around the world are about to get a n51px2q0HtBL. SL160  Kick Ass   This Years Comic Book Movie Hit?ew favourite film.

The release of the Kick Ass movie is being accompanied by a bunch of tie-in making of books and whatnot, all of which are helping the cause by giving non-comics fans a look behind what it takes to put these stories together. It does feel a bit weird when something that has been so loved by a core audience crosses over into the mainstream, but at least this time it looks like we have something to be proud of. Now that kicks ass.

Five Geek Movies With A Difference

February 11, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies

Geeks and movies go together like Han and Chewie, but there’s a common misconception that all we’re into is spaceships, monsters and people in spandex with hair that never gets messed up. While this is true to a certain extent, there’s much more to geeky films than just insane blockbusters and guys running away from explosions Just In Time. Here are five brilliant films that are dear to the hearts of many geeks.

Ghost World: The movie adaptation of the classic graphioc novel by Daniel Clowes is a bittersweet story of two girls coming to terms with how life changes once you’re thrown into the real world. A great cast is headed up by Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson and Steve Buscemi.

Napoleon Dynamite: Vote for Pedro! A modern cult classic geek movie. It’s funny as hell once you get the hang of the humour, and everyone has known characters like these at some point in their lives.

High Fidelity: The adaptation of Nick Hornby’s great novel is a geek movie all collectors can all relate to, not to mention everyone who’s ever had a messy breakup. A great flick for older geeks.

Office Space: A bunch of office workers rebel against their dull existence following one of their number being hypnotized and losing their neuroses. Great fun, and a definite cult film. It bombed when it came out, but found an audience on DVD.

American Splendor: This comic book adaptation/biopic is a fascinating mix of dramatized scenes and monologues from the subject of the film, namely indie comics star Harvey Pekar. A great look at another side of the comics world.

These are just five examples of the wealth of great stuff that is out there in the realm of geek movies. These are geek movies with a difference, and great examples of films with a cult edge that still manage to have a heart. What would you add to the list?

Spider-man 4: delayed or not delayed?

December 18, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies

51cFvZy9liL. SL160  Spider man 4: delayed or not delayed?There’s been some hoo-ha doing the rounds this past few days about a possible delay to the production of Spider-man 4. It was floated recently that the studio execs at Fox and Sam Raimi were butting heads over who should be the film’s villain. Raimi is apparently wanting to use the Vulture as the main bad guy in the new film, while Fox were said to be wanting him to use bigger, more popular villains (I’m thinking the studio was wanting to use Carnage or something). Then came word that the production had indeed stalled, but only for the Christmas holidays. D’oh! Is this a case of a break being blown out of proportion, or is there genuine tro51BJKOLMtAL. SL160  Spider man 4: delayed or not delayed?uble with Spider-Man 4? After Spider-Man 3‘s critical pounding (although, remember, its opening box office was MASSIVE), I can understand the execs wanting to use a big villain, but I can also understand Raimi wanting to do something different. Me? I’d suggest appearances by Kraven, the Black Cat and, erm, Modok! Every Marvel movie needs Modok icon wink Spider man 4: delayed or not delayed? Whatever happens, we’ll be bringing you the details.

The Iron Man 2 Teaser Poster Makes Us Very Happy

December 02, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies

51hso1X0GJL. SL160  The Iron Man 2 Teaser Poster Makes Us Very HappyTis the season to be armoured! Iron Man 2 is coming, and what better to lift us all out of the doldrums of bad weather, terrible colds and trying to find the perfect Christmas presents for mad Uncle Bill than this awesome Iron Man 2 teaser poster featuring our first official look at the War Machine costume? Check this bad boy out:

ironman2 202x300 The Iron Man 2 Teaser Poster Makes Us Very Happy

Oh yes indeed. Iron Man 2 is looking ever more likely to be just as awesome as the first film. Actually, speaking of Christmas gifts in a similar vein, what about some of these fantastic official high-end, in-stock statues from Sideshow Collectibles (click the images for more info):
29372 300x250 The Iron Man 2 Teaser Poster Makes Us Very Happy6829 300x250 The Iron Man 2 Teaser Poster Makes Us Very Happy

Writer and Director John Hughes Passes away at 59

August 07, 2009 By: Geek Category: culture, Movies

51F6K5SAF8L. SL160  Writer and Director John Hughes Passes away at 59John Hughes, director of classic films such as The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, has sadly died following a heart attack while out walking in New York. This is tragic news for those that were close to him, as well as the millions of people around the world to whom his films are so special. We’re certainly amongst those people.

Those films mean something very special to his fans, and we’ll never forget his work. While the man himself was something of a recluse, which when you hear his reasons is perfectly understandable (He apparently went into self imposed exile of a sort to ensure his kids could have a normal life), the films of his early years 51 Kghza6DL. SL160  Writer and Director John Hughes Passes away at 59as a director tell you a great deal about him.

He was a man that fully understood the troubles that people face when growing up, and through the medium of film he told audiences; “It’s okay, you’re not alone.” That’s how it felt to Hughes fans like us, anyway.

Yes, movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in pink and Weird Science are a51GXETZ4DHL. SL160  Writer and Director John Hughes Passes away at 59ll very much of their time, but they are still timeless stories. Then you have brilliant comedies such as Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck and the global hit Home Alone.

The man certainly knew what he was doing. While later work was of a less moving standard than those classic 80s brat pack films, he remained a very talented man. His passing is premature and very sad. Another hero I’ll never get to meet.

San Diego Comic Con: One Day You Will Be Ours!!!

July 26, 2009 By: Geek Category: Comics, culture, Geek, Movies, San Diego Comic Con

sdcc08 logo1 244x300 San Diego Comic Con: One Day You Will Be Ours!!!The San Diego Comic Con is here, and movie, TV, comics and collectibles fans the world over are fuming with jealousy that they’re not there with those lucky ****s who managed to go this year. This year’s event is the 40th annual SDCC, and has attracted another sell-out crowd, along with the absolute cream, of the film, TV, video games, toys and comic industries, peddling their wares and previewing the delights that are to come.

There have been some massive panels at this year’s event, with James Cameron previewing Avatar, Robert Pattinson and ‘those other ones’ from Twilight previewing New Moon, Robert Downey Jr and co previewing Iron Man 2, a million and one comics industry announcements, the stars of the collectibles scene (check out the new items from Sideshow Collectibles at SDCC this year!).

Plus there have been the usual million workshops, panels, dealers, and mini events at the event that the major press doesn’t seem to cover, all of which we’d love to be able to go to.

Man, one year, ONE YEAR we’ll be there and soak it all up. Above all, aside from all of the big names that are there being all big named, the event is about fans and geeking out over the fantastic. What’s not to love?

One year it’ll be us there, filling YouTube and Flickr with goodies and making you all jealous. Until then, we must go and polish our Stormtrooper outfits and dream of Olivia Munn.


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Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body: Will horror fans love her?

July 14, 2009 By: Geek Category: Movies

megan fox jennifers body 382x563 203x300 Megan Fox in Jennifers Body: Will horror fans love her?Okay, so you’ve probably seen the trailer for Jennifer’s Body, the new teen horror movie starring Megan Fox Megan Fox in Jennifers Body: Will horror fans love her?, and written by Juno’s Diablo Cody. It will be interesting to see how this film turns out, as it’s Diablo’s first movie to use any amount of effects, and Megan’s first real stab at taking the lead in a flick.

While the Megan Fox backlash is in full swing, she must have something going for her aside from her looks to keep getting these roles. No? Well, okay, but there has to be something interesting going on here.

The idea of the film is kinda cool, although from the trailer it does look a little bit like a straight-to-DVD knockoff of the Cherry Falls/Ginger Snaps/Final Destination school of teen horror. That is, light on the horror, heavy on the teen. After being the eye candy in the Transformers movies Megan Fox in Jennifers Body: Will horror fans love her?, Megan is finally getting some higher billing.

How long it will last is anyone’s guess, as her range doesn’t seem that broad. I’d love to be proven otherwise. Plus, I am interested to see how Diablo Cody’s writing style fits with the horror genre. Here’s hoping it doesn’t grate quite as much as Juno did with me…

Check out the trailer: