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About Your Geekness

This is Your Geekness! We are a team of geeks, nerds, dorks, gamers, otaku and other variations on the characters of Kevin Smith’s movies, and we’re here to talk about movies, games, books, comics, TV and the geek lifestyle that we all live and love.

The Geek lifestyle is something that has really come into its own in recent years, thanks to the ever increasing interest in the online life and the resurgence in appreciation of science fiction, fantasy and the weird in popular culture.

This site is an appreciation of all the great things that make the geek lifestyle so much fun, be it gadgets, DVDs, geek t-shirts, awesome new comics, anime, movie collectibles or whatever. We’re fans, users and consumers of this glorious world of pop culture ourselves, and Your Geekness is our love letter to the world of geek, as well as a shout-out to all of those likeminded people out there. This means you, fanboy/girl!

While we love the films, games and so on that fill up the geek lifestyle, we’re not immune to the odd rant now and again, so be aware that we ain’t just sweetness and light. If something sucks, we will say it does. If something annoys us, we will damn well say so.

We are Your Geekness, and all your base most definitely belong to us.

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