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New Twilight Book Coming In June

March 31, 2010 By: Geek Category: Geek Books

41lDhwBBmiL. SL500  New Twilight Book Coming In JuneThe Twilight series is to get a brand new instalment in June. It has been revealed that Stephenie Meyer’s new Twilight novella, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” is an additional story set around ‘Eclipse’, the third book (and soon the third movie) in the Twilight Saga. The 192 page Twilight novella is due for release on the 5th of June and will take on the tale of Bree, a newborn vampire from Twilight: Eclipse. While the series is complete in novel form with Breaking Dawn, the fourth part of the saga, there is still speculation as to whether there will ever be a Twilight Book 5. Judging from the current popularity of Twilight and the sheer demand for a fifth Twilight book, there is a slim possibility that it will happen. Of course, there is also the ‘alternate’ version of Twilight, namely Midnight Sun, which is still incomplete. That book was leaked online in a half-done form, and Meyer decided not to complete it. ‘Midnight Sun’ tells the story of the first Twilight book from the perspective of Edward Cullen rather than Bella, and is actually online for fans to check out. Will that book’s completion be Meyer’s next project?


March 24, 2010 By: Geek Category: Uncategorized

sexy chewbacca Rrrrraaaaggh

Predators – A Movie Legend Reborn

March 22, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies

predators Predators   A Movie Legend Reborn

The new Predators movie looks set to do something that many thought impossible, and actually bring some credibility back to these famous monsters. While the original Predator movie was superb and Predator 2 a pretty entertaining sequel, the franchise was monumentally derailed by the terrible Alien Vs Predator and its even worse follow-up, Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem. Those two films, while full of action and shocks, were devoid of everything that made the Predators so compelling in the first place. They were onscreen too much, too clumsy, and all of their mystique was lost.

Now, all that is changing thanks to the more than capable work of Robert Rodriguez and his crew, who have finally given us a Predators movie that lives up to the promise of the first film. I would liken this to the second film in the ‘Alien’ series- a step up from the original in terms of tension and scale, and essentially a supercharged version of the first.

This film looks set to be stuffed with everything that made the Predators great all those years ago, and it has the bonus of a great cast, which is something both of the AVP movies were lacking. This time around with the new Predators movie, we have stars like Adrian Brody and Laurence Fishburne filling out a superb roll-call of talent, which is an all-important edge over the previous flicks. This time around, there are actual characters onscreen instead of just cannon fodder.

The tension has been ramped up in the new Predators movie thanks to the twist of setting it on a planet the Predators use as a game reserve, and the human cast is their game. That’s a superb idea which will add a ton of fear to proceedings, and coupled with the characters playing off each other and trying to stay alive, fans are in for something spectacular. The crew have worked hard to create something that looks every bit as gripping as fans could hope for, even including the return of the original Stan Winston designed Predator creature from the original movie.

Trailers and promo pictures from the movie suggest a much more thoughtful film, planned out better, shot better, acted better and just plain better than those two godawful crossover films. The new Predators movie has really reignited interest in these iconic movie monsters, and that’s something that us fans of the classic films must thank Robert Rodriguez for. It’s pretty much safe to say that the new Predators movie is going to be a film to remember.

Got a case of Gamer Spine? Get a Gaming Chair.

March 15, 2010 By: Geek Category: Geek Gadgets, Uncategorized

41KDPAHhuAL. SL500  Got a case of Gamer Spine? Get a Gaming Chair.Gaming chairs are a great idea for the dedicated gamer, and there are some superb options available for console gamers who want some comfort and a better experience with their gameplay. You can find a bunch of different gaming chairs compatible with the main consoles available, and, they’re also available with a load of cool add-ons for gamers to choose from.

Many gaming chairs feature MP3 player attachments, speakers, and docks for game steering wheels and specialist joypads. Gaming chairs are also better for you physically than regular chairs, as they support you in the places that can be otherwise neglected when you’re gaming. This means better back support, head-rests to support your nut and your neck, arm rests and support for your legs.

This means less aches and pains when you snap back to the real world, which means in reality that you can play your games more often with less negative physical effects, plus you’ll play better when comfortable!

Plenty of the best gaming chairs also come fitted with speakers in the headrests to give you an even more engrossing experience, and of course a lot of them are supplied with headphone sockets so you can get the most out of your games without driving everyone else insane.

The great thing about these chairs is, you don’t have to get one of the gaming chairs that is packed with features- if you want something simple and practical, there’s plenty of gaming chairs for you to choose from. So before you make your back and legs ache again, check out some of the best gaming chairs and get twiddling those thumbs on some stylish furniture.

TRON LEGACY: First official trailer revealed

March 09, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies

tron legacy poster TRON LEGACY: First official trailer revealedThe first trailer for the long awaited TRON LEGACY has been found online after fans followed a treasure hunt of links and clues. There’s no embed of it available legitimately just yet, but you can view it in all its glory (and various sizes) right here. Not sure how long the trailer will be up at that location, so enjoy it while you can, dear friends! The TRON LEGACY trailer looks beautiful, even though there are only fleeting glimpses of the Tron universe in it. We get some nice setup, and revisiting Flynn’s Arcade is a moment of serious geek goosebumps, but it’s the computer world scenes that many people will wnat to check out. What we see looks very sleek indeed, but maybe a little, hmm, flat? I’m hoping the colours are more vibramt once we see the real thing, as it was those stark colours that helped to make the original TRON movie so damn stunning. Still, cool trailer. We can has movie nao? Kthx.

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet: The Lost Film Arrives In Comic Stores

March 06, 2010 By: Geek Category: Comics

kevinsmithgreenhornet2 Kevin Smiths Green Hornet: The Lost Film Arrives In Comic StoresThis week saw the release of the first issue of a new Kevin Smith Green Hornet comic with a difference. This one is based on the script Smith wrote for the Green Hornet movie he was going to make once upon a time. Now, of course, there’s a Green Hornet movie on the way starring (and co-written by) Seth Rogen, which is nothing to do with the Kevin Smith version. Smith decided that as a filmmaker he was unable to adequately make a superhero movie the way the studios would want one, and thus the script languished in obscurity for a while.

That is, until Dynamite Comics came up with the idea of turning that lost script into a comic book series. The first issue is in stores now, and it is well worth a read. The dialogue is very much in the style of Kevin Smith, which is great to read coming out of the Green Hornet’s mouth.

Of course, there’s no bad language, but the quick-fire, witty dialogue is 100% Smith. Jonathan Lau’s art is highly kinetic and suits the tone of the yarn perfectly. There’s a bunch of covers available (I got the J. Scott Campbell one as I’m a sucker for his art), but the main thing is to get in on this cool curio as soon as you can. It’s a ton of fun.

The Farmville Game – Love It Or Loathe It, It’s A Massive Hit

March 02, 2010 By: Geek Category: Geek Games

farmville 300x229 The Farmville Game   Love It Or Loathe It, Its A Massive HitLook, it’s the future, and if you’ve happily come to a site called ‘Your Geekness’ then you will no doubt have a Facebook account and be aware of the phenomenon that is Farmville. This highly addictive game allows users to create and maintain their own farms full if animals and crops, and has proven to be a massive hit with Facebook users. Granted, it’s also proved to be a massive annoyance to everyone else (Oh the joys of the ‘Hide/Block this application’ function), filling millions of Facebook feeds with nonsense, but for quite so many people to be taking part in it, there must be something being done right.

For players that want to get further with their game, there are loads of Farmville game Tips out there to be found, and there are even a bunch of unofficial Farmville game guides available too.

While it may make you want to scream sometimes, you have to admit it’s cornered the market for this type of thing (along with spamming your Facebook feeds into oblivion). As with stuff like Twilight and Glee, people either love it or hate it.

Which camp do YOU fall into? Do you think it’s the best game around and are eagerly searching for the best Farmville game tips? Or would you rather pour molten lava into your own eyes than play it? Either way, there’s no denying it has made its mark on pop culture right now.

The Crazies: Check Out The Original Version As Well As The New Hit!

March 01, 2010 By: Geek Category: Movies, Uncategorized

61cHls2S76L. SL160  The Crazies: Check Out The Original Version As Well As The New Hit!The remake of The Crazies is doing very well right now, with a great many positive reviews flying about online and in print. This is a cool thing to see, considering it’s a remake of a cult low-budget flick from way back in 1973, which was directed by none other than Night Of The Living Dead mastermind George A Romero. The political satire aspect may have been toned down a bit for the remake in favour of more insanity, but it’s still a powerful remake.

This original version is worth seeing for more than just curiosity though. It’s a brilliantly executed (and somewhat underrated) SF film with a horror edge that holds up well today even of the production values are less than impressive now.

If you like the new big-screen version of The Crazies, then the original movie is well worth checking out for comparison. Then, if you like that film, I’d suggest searching out a good copy of the Farenheit 451 movie too. Oh, and Soylent Greeen! Those three work well together in my head icon wink The Crazies: Check Out The Original Version As Well As The New Hit!

Check out the trailer to the original: