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New Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer is here to kick you upside the head

April 29, 2009 By: Geek Category: Transformers

transformers2 1 New Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer is here to kick you upside the headWhile 2007′s Transformers movie New Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer is here to kick you upside the head had its detractors, it was a ton of fun. Even the die-hards who kept on bitching about it changing things about the characters and the back story must have felt some chills at seeing Optimus and the gang on the big screen. I know I certainly did. The inevitable sequel (the first of two) is almost here, and the new trailer has been leaked a bit early.

Everything we have seen so far about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen points to a much more rounded film with a stronger plot and more robot action. The Transformers themselves look much better- they seem to have been rendered in a slightly more simplified design this time around, and they are definitely integrated into the live action much better too. Judging from the new trailer, which will soon be available in high quality so you don’t have to sit through any more grainy YouTube versions, Michael Bay and his crew have been listening to the fans.

I guess that is something about the internet that is helping the movie industry. While the issue of piracy and illegal movie downloads seems as out-of-hand as ever (the Pirate Bay controversy ain’t going to stop these people), there are still positive things to be had from online feedback. The collective cries of many fans have had an effect, and we have been given what we wanted. The sad fact is that it still won’t make some of our Geek hordes quit whining, but then, that’s part of who we are.

See? I got through three whole paragraphs without mentioning the flames on Optimus Prime. Gah! Too late.

The international scale of the new film adds some serious scope to the onscreen shenanigans, which is cool as the last film was rather too US-centric for overseas audiecnes. At least this one makes use of some of the other wonders of the planet, even if it does blow them to pieces in the process. Anyway, ILM have surpassed their previous work and appear to have created giant robots that are convincing in a real world setting. Think about that. These beasts look REAL. That is seriously impressive.

Although, what they could do to really make me want to see the film again and again is slip in the original ‘Scene Change’ music from the 80s Transformers cartoons New Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer is here to kick you upside the head. That would be awesome. I think that even without the bells and whistles of the cartoon, this new Transformers movie is going to be nothing short of incredible. I loved the 2007 flick, and I am seriously looking forward to this one. There’s been some catty comments from Terminator Salvation director McG regarding Michael Bay, but on the strength of these trailers and the work that has been done, I think Mr G (That makes him sound like a camp member of the A-Team) may well be scarfing a big ol’ slice of humble pie.

Star Trek is cool again. We owe JJ Abrams some Synthahol.

April 29, 2009 By: Geek Category: Star Trek

stposter Star Trek is cool again. We owe JJ Abrams some Synthahol.Yeah, I didn’t see it coming either. We were more than a little sceptical of the new Star Trek movie when it was originally announced. We were still sore from having to deal with Enterprise’s degeneration into nonsense around the second season mark, so to many fans the Star trek franchise was all but dead, Jim.

Then came the rumours of a Starfleet Academy movie, a prequel to the original series, and a collective groan could be heard from many corners of fandom. Gah. Not again. Leave it alone. Don’t ruin the original series. You get the idea. The thing is, when JJ Abrams was announced as the director for the project, a fair few eyebrows were arched in a Spock-like fashion. The man certainly knew how to make an exciting flick, but could he handle the rich, multilayered and much-loved Star Trek Star Trek is cool again. We owe JJ Abrams some Synthahol. universe?

As many of you are discovering now, and many more will soon follow, the answer is a resounding YES. He may not have done what you would have liked him to do with the series, and yes, he may have royally screwed up continuity and canon, but Star Trek is at a point in its existence where a drastic reimagining like this isn’t just positive, but necessary.

Star Trek had grown complacent, and had got stuck in a very well worn rut. After the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek is cool again. We owe JJ Abrams some Synthahol., the old team of producers floundered and thrashed around until things ended, with rather cringeworthy results.

Geeks like us followed the casting and the shooting of the new film as much as we could, every morsel feeding our need to find out more.

Then we saw the trailers. Oh. Em. Gee. Awesome doesn’t do them justice. The new Star trek has tirned out to be a huge, hyperkinetic epic that old school fans couldn’t even have dreamed of back when the show first aired in the mists of the past. It is one hell of an achievement, and with the news that a sequel is already on the way (Let those Wrath of Khan comparisons commence!), it looks like the new Star Trek era is fully underway.

Just don’t wear a red shirt when you go see it. You’ll never make it our alive.

This is Your Geekness speaking. All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

April 29, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek

Klaatu barada nikto! We’ll say it even if Keanu won’t. This is your Geekness speaking, and we have come for your souls, or at least your attention. We are a bunch of fans, geeks, dorks, nerds and net addicts just like you, and we’re here to geek out over movies, music, comics, TV, collectibles and the joys of geek culture.

It seems that in recent years the geek life has come to the forefront of popular culture as the ‘in thing’, and quite rightly so. The Geeks have at last inherited the Earth, and thus the need for geek must be fulfilled. Like David Hasselhoff and being manly, geeks and the internet go together hand in hand.

We have some strong opinions, and we ain’t afraid to use them, so don’t expect everything to be light and fluffy. We kiss up to nobody. Unless they deserve it. So welcome to our piece of the web, where you’ll find all kinds of delights in the weeks and months to come. Pleased to meet you.

A big part of what we’re setting out to do is get to the meat and potatoes of the geek phenomenon and see what makes the scene, and us, tick. Whether it’s movies, games, bands, cartoons, toys or whatever, it is fair game to come under the scrutiny of Your Geekness.

Set phasers to FUN. Jeez, I’m out of puns for now.

Is that the Imperial March I hear?

April 29, 2009 By: Geek Category: Geek, Uncategorized

Hey…. there’s a brand new geek blog coming soon right here. Bookmark us, or we’ll send Shatner around to your house to sing at you.

Resistance is futile.